Flight Flies into the Competition Season

Sadiya Kherani and Sadiya Kherani

This year Wheaton North Flight started their competition season on January 21 at their flight preview show held at Wheaton North. Their theme this year is Restore Wonder. It talks about the power of creativity and arts in school and encourages students to stand up against the status quo and fight for the arts. It also reveals that grades do not define you as a person. Freshmen Charis Jackson explains, “It was light and refreshing about how to be different in a world that forces you to be the same.” The flight preview show was phenomenal. It revealed all the hard work put in by every member of flight– behind and in front of the stage. The audience was dazzled by costumes hand made with scantrons, pencils, and worksheets! Their competition season has already begun and they placed 1st at Fort Atkinson and we wish them good luck throughout the rest of their season!