Remembering Kobe Bryant

Brian Knoerr and Atticus Rusin

Kobe Bean Bryant was one of the greatest athletes to ever walk this Earth. A five-time NBA champion, eleven-time all NBA first team and one-time MVP, Kobe Bryant stunned the world with his athletic prowess, personality, and work ethic, or as it was lovingly known, his mamba mentality. This same mentality influenced millions of athletes and people all over the world. 

On January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant passed away in a terrible accident. The news of this event broke the hearts of millions. Both his legacy as well as the memories he bestowed upon us will continue to live with us for a lifetime. He is with us, pushing us to be kinder, he is with us during our endless grind and he is with us making sure we do the best we can, whether in sports or in any other aspect of our lives. Bryant was one of the most respected men in athletics and his death will be felt by all. 

Whether you rooted for or booed him, he left a legacy that few will ever be able to match. Everyone should take the time to remember their favorite Kobe Bryant moment. Furthermore, in moments of insecurity or fear, think about what Kobe Bryant would do. Whether it is in sports or the workplace, always maintain that legendary Mamba Mentality. Remember the great Kobe Bryant, gone but never forgotten.