Does Media Ruin Relationships?

Sadiya Kherani, Staff Writer

Social Media has taken over our modern society, everything we do is motivated by that want for the perfect Instagram pic, sometimes even relationships! Sophomore Victoria Lacroix gives her interpretation, “media shows a bunch of pictures of perfect relationships and couples, this, in my opinion, puts a strain because they thrive to be like the pictures, picture-perfect when in reality a picture-perfect time is only effective if your truly happy without media, love should be only with you and your partner, not the whole world.” Many people strive to be the “it” couple posting all their perfect Instagram pictures together, but as Victoria explained if the couple needs validation through Instagram comments then maybe their relationship isn’t perfect.

 Obviously, this is not always the case, and actually, in most cases it’s not, it just depends on how the media is being used. Junior Alexander Wisniewski explains, “it depends on whether or not the media is being used responsibly or maturely.” Media is not always a bad thing, it can be a good thing in some relationships depending on how it is used. Having media can be super beneficial in long-distance relationships or in normal relationships just to communicate. 

But nowadays with the goal of perfection always in mind sometimes it can put a damper in the actual relationship. Instagram and even TikTok has begun to be overtaken with endless amounts of videos and pictures representing what a couple should look like and in some cases making people feel like their relationships aren’t good enough, or if they are single it creates this idea of what they want their relationship to look like before it has even started.