Don’t Wait to Date!

Paige Terpstra, Staff Writer

While dating in high school is often discouraged by parents, its many benefits to a growing young adult are often overlooked. Here are a few reasons why you should not wait for college to begin courting those cute guys and girls!

Dating in Highschool Gives Young Adults Experience- Dating and marriage is a part of most adult’s lives. According to a 2015 five year American Community Survey data study, 96% of adults end up getting married, and dating is the inevitable gateway to marriage. High schoolers are not so far from adulthood themselves, and by dating they are able to gain irreplaceable experience in the world of romance. 

Highschoolers Are Able to Figure Out Their Likes and Dislike Early on- By beginning to date in high school, teenagers are able to discover their type of person. By going on a few dates, teens are able to see what personality traits they really enjoy or really dislike in a person. High school students who date are able to explore more, without any looming pressure of marriage as is true later on in life.

Dating Young Develops Life Skills Young– Dating breeds meaningful relationships between people. Confrontation is sometimes scary, but it is vital in a relationship. By dating in high school, young people are able to learn how to cope with difficult social situations as well as utilize social skills in a productive and respectful manner.

Dating Encourages Maturity- It’s no secret that Highschoolers can be immature. However, dating in high school allows for a lot of trial and error, and in return a lot of growth and learning. A young person in a relationship or dating someone will deal with a number of new experiences that will give them a taste of the adult world, and teach them how to truly listen to and care about another individual. 

Safe environments provided, dating allows teenagers to learn more about people and more about themselves and gives them an experience that cannot be found in any other way. The bottom line: Don’t wait to date!