Palentine’s Day: The Greatest Thing Ever or the Worst

Sadiya Kherani, Staff Writer

Everyone knows it’s Valentine’s Day because of the chocolate hearts and roses all the humans in love are carrying around and the quirky smiles on all the happy couples, but what about all us single people out there.

 Most people dread the day and can’t wait for the second it’s over especially when it falls on a school day. But why should we be sad all day when we can be celebrating the people that make us happy too? As Junior Ash Hostetler puts it, “ I think that it’s so important to appreciate the friends in your life instead of just your significant other”. Do you hear that people? We have so much to be grateful for, our friends are the people that are with us through all the good and the bad, including that breakup with the guy/girl that was supposed to be the perfect Valentine. 

Imagine this: getting all dressed up, going out to a fancy restaurant with all your besties, going home and having a movie night or game night, and just enjoying each others company, or throwing on your favorite sweatpants and having a self-care night with the people that never fail to make you smile. Even the taken people of the world can take part in this wonderful tradition of celebrating all the greats of the world! 

Palentine’s Day falls on the 13th every year and makes Valentine’s Day for the single humans bearable. The real question is why choose to be unhappy when you can be super happy with all your gal pals or guy pals! Emma Basener explains, “it’s my favorite thing in the entire world!” And honestly, what’s not to love, a day meant for food friends and the ultimate movie marathon!