Model UN Conference


Photo credit: Maryam Tourk Pictured: (from left to right) Anna Williams,Kelsey Scott-Otis, Aaditi Wadia, Sylvia Morna Freitas, Maryam Tourk, Sarah Wozniak, Zoey, Mrs. Wielgolewski, Jordan Colton, Jordan Winter, Theo Gatsacos

Ryan Lowe, Editor

Wheaton North’s Model United Nations team (chaperoned by Mrs. Wielgolewski and Mr. Phillips) traveled to Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago for the annual Model UN Conference on February 6th and 7th. This year’s conference was hosted by the University of Chicago’s Model UN team and is attended by students from all over the United States– even from across the globe. 

A different country is represented by each of the attending schools. The Wheaton North team represented the country of Kazakhstan. Students act as delegates and participate in committees just like those of the real United Nations to discuss solutions to international issues. 

Through this process, we meet many new students, learn about diplomacy and international issues, learn about cooperation and compromise, and have a really fun time in Chicago!” explained Maryam Tourk, a junior and one of the leaders of the team. 

Along with having a fun time, Tourk and her partner, Sarah Wozniak, won an honorable mention (second place for the conference) for their participation in the United Nations Security Council, representing the country of Turkey. 

The Wheaton North team is small in comparison to many of the other teams that participated in the conference, making an honorable mention for the team even more special.