Legalization and Wheaton North

Ryan Lowe, News Editor

On May 31, 2019, the Illinois General Assembly passed the bill to legalize recreational marijuana usage and sale for adults. Then, the bill was signed into law by Governor Pritzker on June 25, making the legal selling of marijuana in Illinois set to begin on New Year’s Day. The legalization of marijuana in Illinois is now bringing up questions of how schools will respond. 

According to Assistant Principal Venkus, no changes will be made to Wheaton North’s policies regarding the possession of marijuana, as of now, because the drug will still be illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Assistant Principal Venkus also believes that state legalization will not result in a much larger influx of usage by students at school, but the faculty plans to observe any changes and decide how to act from there. The main concern of school staff is the easier accessibility that is bound to come from legalization. 

Administrators are striving to learn more about the law change itself and predicted trends that could follow. Workers from Rosecrance, an organization that provides treatment for substance abuse, gave a talk to staff members, such as  Assistant Principal Venkus, about the law change trends such as edibles, cannabis vaping products, and new forms of marijuana. Wheaton North faculty is planning to make efforts to ensure that students are being properly educated about the consequences and effects of using marijuana.